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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Just Wondering

I am slowly plugging away at my 100 blessings squares for the Count Your Blessings Stitch-a-Long . . . find it here. 

Gene just called me out to the kitchen . . he was getting ready to slice pieces of tenderloin off of a whole piece . .can't think if the whole tenderloin has a name . . . and wanted my "Indiana" knowledge on how thin to pound them . . . I like mine thicker than most. Now, he is out at the grill getting them ready for supper.

So, my question is . . . can I count  a Grilled Pork tenderloin as a blessing? It is something that I only get when Gene makes them. You don't find them in this area . . . the people have no idea what they are missing.

Supper is over . . the tenderloins were perfect. I told Gene he now has earned the "I am an Indiana Pork Tenderloin Grilling" expert award. Then he says, "What was the award Les Nessman  won"

So, I guess I need to award Gene with an Honorary "Les Nessman Silver Sow Award" for his excellence with pork :0}

Lover of Indiana Grilled Tenderloins . . . Long Live the Cass County Pork Produceers


  1. 100? Wow. You are amazing! Nice when the men do the cooking. Maybe he'd rather have a smooch than an award? ;-)

  2. Grilled pork tenderloin....oh man....heaven! I love pork tenderloin. Have never had it grilled but that sounds soooo goood.

  3. nothing beats an early summer barbeque, especailly when the man of the house is doing the grilling

  4. LOL. I'm sorry, I stumbled upon your blog today while doing a search for a Buffalo front porch. I just have to giggle at this post because I'm the exact opposite of you. I grew up in Buffalo and now live in Indiana. I constantly lament the fact that Hoosiers don't know real food and how much I miss the food back home. In fact, I have a post in my blogs drafts about this exact subject! I'll send you a tenderloin if you send me some Duff's or Anderson's or Ted's....aw, heck I'll just trade with you! *G*

  5. Note to self:

    Hot dogs from Ted's, ice cream from Anderson's, wings from Duffs and stop- by Swistons for some local beef on weck to send to Sarah!


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