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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Braiding Floss

Thanks for the info, Denise (Riverside Stitching). I went back to my Blessings Blog (Man, I sure need to get that sampler finished!) and I had deleted the blogs I was following.

So, I was hoping that I had written about it and. . . .  TA-DA . . . .
I found the tag "braided floss".  Opened up that post and I had a link to it . . . . TA-DA, again.

I have linked this post too that tutorial, and if I can get my act  together (and find the camera card I dropped when I took it out of the computer and the husband and I have both looked for it and it has disappeared. I think it has gone to the land of lost socks) I will make my own tutorial so I will always be able to find it.

Thanks Denise, (Riverside Stitching). You are a treasure to keep around.

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  1. Your welcome my dear! Glad you found it! Has she gotten any further on her blessings? And just how much more do you have? Less than 10 squares?

    Take care -


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