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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tell me what is wrong with this picture . . . I am not slovenly, but I don't like to clean. I like a clean, nice clean smelling home, but I despise dusting and don't even ask me about doing sweeping. Dishes? I don't mind washing dishes, but I can let them sit for a lot longer than I should.

Today, I actually did dishes . . . well, sort of dishes. I finally got all of the plastic molds for candy washed. I have done each set after we used them, but never got them put where I actually wanted them.

I straightened up the cupboards in our small "pantry." I would LOVE to know what this almost closet sized room with a window was actually  meant to be? Could have been a broom closet or  a coat.closet off the kitchen .  not sure. But now, it  is the "fur babies" dining room. We have our Anchor white-wear in there, along with those kitchen items that don't get used much . .bread maker, waffle maker, slicer, etc. I figured the candy making supplies would fit in there, and they did.

W*O*O*O*O*O*O- - - H*O*O*O*O*O, something else cleaned off the kitchen bay window sill. Next, used a 3/4 bag of marshmallows, along with a 1/2 box of Rice Krispies for, you know what's coming here, don't you? Yep, made Rice Krispie Treats . . . filled an 8" x 8" pan, so now, that window sill is almost empty . . . .Nosey, our calico girl, will be pleased That is her perch when it is cleaned off and she has been looking at it longlingly or a while.

Oh, did I tell you all that I got a cortisone shot inmy leftknee this week? After spending themonths on Jan and Feb in physical therapy for that knee and then March and April in PT for my back, I told Dr Jain I was ready for the shot. I figured that when I walked weird (my cousin's husband calls it the Gaumer Shuffle because my cousin does it when her knees and ankles hurt and Dad did the same shuffle when his knees went) it threw the back of and the back thrown off caused the knee to hurt worse.

When I went to bed that night, I realized I was actually turning over without grabbing hold of the headboard. HOT DAMN! The shot was already doing it's work. Being able to walk right for a half day had made theback feel SO MUCH better.

Dr Jain, and I, decided that I did need to get an MRI done onthe back so he could get a look at what was actualy going on there. When we got to Buffalo MRI, the husband tells me itis located inthe building that housed Amherst Sterling Dairy offices . . they had bought out his great uncles dairy and one stayed on and took care of the business end and the other(s) continued to do what they liked best, deliver milk. It was an awesome building . . .cool, ccalm colors with dressing rooms that had to have been designed by a woman .  t he room I was in had 2 overstuffed chairs slip covered in a pink material with cabbage roses . . nothing like the dressing rooms at Memorial Hospital :0}

Went in to get into the MRI . . no problem, until my elbows hit the edges   had to get out of there when that happened.. I actually thought it was open enough t hat I could go into it, but hen I touched, that was it. SO, I go back Monday and will go "into" the open MRI I've done that before, but didn't have to go into it as far as I am going now . . before, I just went in for the lower leg SO, drugs to relax before I go on Monday and maybe I'll sleep while I'm in there .  Keep your fingers crossed form me I really want to know what is going on down there . . . once and for all. Then, maybe we will be able to come up with a plan to keep it as healthy as possible.


  1. HI, this may be weird but........
    I have to get MRI's done every month, and its all the way in. as they are of my head. I can get quite claustrophobic, so one of the things I do, is try and imagine I have paid heaps and am in a floatation tank. I then imagine a beach, and do deep breathing in a pattern. It seems to work.
    Good luck

  2. OH I hate MRI's ... the last one I had .. I had a panic attack just as my elbows hit the edges .. just like yours!! and I was done!! they gave me medicine to help me .. but I was still so worked up from the panic attack that it didn't help much. LUCKILY!! one of my friends works there and he came in and held my hand while they did it .. so I wouldn't have another panic attack!!

  3. Good Luck Paula - I'll be thinking about you. Take care!

  4. I normally don't have a problem with MRI's. I shut my eyes as soon as I am laid down. I almost went to sleep one of the times they did my lower back.

    That's weird that you have closet with a window huh? xoxoxo


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