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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Raw Foods

Had my pre-op visit with the doctor. Well it was his physicians assistant, Liz, but she did everything he would, maybe even more since she had a student from one of the colleges they work with, so I got the "whole treatment."

Our doctor's office has a lot of students who are going to school to be physicians assistants. Reminds me of having student teachers. When they are around, you would always make sure that you did everything by the book . . . you wanted them to see how it was "really" supposed to work. Then, when they had problems, you discussed how to get back on track, or what could be done in certain situations.

Everything went well. As Dr Fredrick used to say, "You are in good shape, for the shape you are in."

Only problem, the blood work showed I was low in potassium. Liz said she would be happier if I got it up before Thursday's surgery. Her list of items to get into my system to get it up where it belongs . . oranges,potatoes, bananas and nuts. Therefore, I had my own shopping list yesterday when we went grocery shopping yesterday.

Decided I would eat one serving of each every day through Wednesday. I think I ate two days worth of Pistachios yesterday. Now I remember why I don't buy them . . . they are so addicting! Pick one up, put in mouth, slit the shell, tongue out the nut, suck on the salty shell, eat  the nut, spit out the shell and start all over again! One can get a real rhythm when eating them.

I told Liz and "the student" that I thought I would be eating a raw potato everyday. They both gave me the strangest look. The student (wish I could remember her name . . cute girl . .dark red hair) gave me a look of, "How did you EVER start eating raw potatoes."

Guess it comes from being in the kitchen when Mom would be cutting up potatoes to boil for supper. They would be the perfect size to get a couple of bites from, in a child's mouth.
  Ever since, I have loved them . . . I am still amazed that there is a bit of moisture/liquid/water inside them. One always thinks of potatoes as being solid, no liquid involved.

Do any of you eat raw potatoes? "The student" said, "Oh, I remember . . Dad does the same thing."

Wonder if it is a generational thing . . . when I was growing up, I'll bet we had boiled/ mashed/parsleyed potatoes 9 meals out of 10. Today, potatoes at dinner aren't as prevalent as they once were.

Oh, do any of my readers eat raw spaghetti? I don't mean "not quite al dente." I mean straight out of the green box.
 Mom always said she bet I was the only college freshman who took a box of raw spaghetti to college to eat raw. Man, it's been a few years since I have eaten raw spaghetti. I could take a few pieces and slowly chew them up as I watches TV. I can still remember the taste of the "carbs" coming out of them . . kind of like the potatoes.

Do you remember the spaghetti, that came in a box, that . . . this is going to be hard to explain . . . it looked like it was twice as long as the box and had been bent in half when to dry. I used to suck on the curved top until it got so moist it would, almost, melt in my mouth and then I would end up with two spaghetti "sticks."

Well, enough about my weird food choices.. It's time to get back to Ancestry.com and finish the Kreider branch of my tree. Found out that they were Mennonites. Quite interesting branch.

Nothing Like Eating Raw Starch! 

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