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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Something to Show

I finally have something to show . . . the cloth is 32 count and I am working over 1 thread.

Since the bands are a little hard to see clearly, here are close-ups.

I tore out the original vines and leaves.
When "the spirit moves me" I shall
add the ones I have added to the pattern.

The vines and leaves in this section
So, instead of a band,
it became a divider.

This was the section I have liked the best.
The rhythm of the stitches was so fluid.

This section is SO GORGEOUS in person.
It resembles maples leaves in a Native American pattern.
I am using variegated thread,
so, yes, the right sie is lighter :0}


  1. So tiny and intricate. Very pretty!

  2. 32 over 1? Thank goodness for that eye surgery years ago! My goodness - pretty, very pretty!


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