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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Something Was Up

I knew something was up.
Why would the president schedule
a news conference
for 10:30 pm?

Things like this,
presidential news conferences,
make me nervous.
I can never imagine
what they might be about.
They never seem 
to come at a time,
when something
is actually
going on.

no . . . . 
it has to be at a time when I think,
"Oh, Lord  . . . has someone attacked us?"
"Has something,
something worse than has already happened,

These news conferences
are never to announce
that something good has happened

we all know, 
that t happens,
and can be announced in 
the dark of night,
has to be evil.

 I mean . . .
did fairies and princesses
hide under your bed at night?
No sirree . . . 
those are alligators,
and evil entities
that hide out under beds.
those and 
those evil dust bunnies
that haunt us until we die!

about 10:00 I headed off to bed.
It was one of those nights
when I actually got tired . . . 
imagine that?

I turned on the TV,
which seldom happens anymore,
and right when The Donald
was going to FIRE someone,
David Gregory appears.

David Gregory,
he has THE BEST GRAY HAIR ! ! ! !
But, he sure looked tired.
Later on,
one of the newsmen said
that so many of the reporters
had received a text 
earlier in the evening that siad,
"Get to work."
probably said,"gt 2 wrk."
So most of them looked a little
worse for the wear

So let's see,
David Gregory was 1st.
Then, I believe, it was either
Andrea Mitchel or Chuck Todd.
Then, I knew something was up,
Brian Williams appears in the
New York studio of
NBC News.
And finally,
emerying who is anyone
in NBC News is there . . .
Jim Miklaszewski
(pronounced Michlaskefski),
their Pentagon corespondent,
comes on.


I started this yesterday
before I went for my MRI
 I just found out
from the husband
that I was totally out of it
about halfway through supper
which was at IHOP.
All I remembered this morning
was that I had two if their
raspberry lemonades . . .
and I can remember
the bacon sitting
 on the plate.
The husband said he looked over at me
and there I was with a HUGE
piece of eggs going into y mouth
He said he thought to himself,
"My wi was born with a
steam shovel in her mouth.
No silver spoon for her."

Then he tells me
that I have a script at Walgreen's
to pick up today.
I h ave absolutely NO
recognition of stopping there
at all.
As a matter of fact,
the last thing I remember
from yesterday
was stealing bites of pancakes
from the husband's plate at IHOP . . .
at that was around 5:00 last night.

Guess I finally do have a script
that will knock me on my butt!
Just think . . . .
if I had had it when I taught,
those last two or three years
 would have been perfect!

Almost Undrugged As I Type

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