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Friday, November 25, 2011

Background Change . . Again

Decided it was time to de-fall my blog. I looked for a Christmas background but couldn't decide on one. I thought I might do a tiled picture of Indy with her antlers . . but I do not have it saved on this computer.

Then I thought, :Maybe there is something in my Family Tree pictures that I could use?"

I remembered this that I found in my maternal grandmother's family bible. It is a cross stitch on paper that was mounted on a golden ribbon that my maternal great grandmother had stitched when she was a child.

The strands of hair. . . not sure who they came from, but they sure matched the ribbon.

Here is the back of the ribbon:

With the phrase that was stitched, I decided to delete my blog name. Just didn't feel right.

Hope you enjoy great-grandma Ellie's needlework. ow I know who I which side of the family passed their needlework gene on to me. 

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