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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Found It

So, I sat down on the sofa for supper . . yes, we eat while watching TV in the living room. We ate in the dining room until I had so much stuff piled on the table that it was "uneatable." So, now, it's in our living room "spots" with the table getting cleaned off for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner.

But, I digress. Most of the patterns I'm working on are in the "lid" area of the artbin crochet/cross stitch catch all I have next to my end of the sofa. It looks like this table top version, only it is the floor model which has a top that flips back.
Mine flips back against the wall so I have a "lip" to put my patterns on. (Oh, I couldn't find the floor version at Joanne's where I bought mine. But, this version, and a knitting version are on sale right now. Click on the links if you would like to see them and their VERY GOOD price.)

But, AGAIN, I digress. I was wondering if the pattern I was looking for was in a bag, next to my artbin. So, I grabbed it and stated looking through the patters in there. B*I*N*G*O ! There is was.

So now, I present to you, the pattern I was searching for this morning.
winter whites

It's name is Veterans Day Starflake. It can be found at SNOWCATCHER. She has some of the BEST snowflake patterns around.


  1. That's a really pretty pattern - well worth the looking for!

  2. Yay on finding the pattern. I know I was looking for one the other day. But I can't remember which one it was. So... :P LOL

  3. Thanks for that! I will be making a few I think. Hope you've been well! Stay warmy. I see if you haven't gotten snow yet you probably aren't far from getting it.


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