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Monday, June 25, 2012

Angel Top

Yarn Used: Deborah Norville Soft Worsted in Nursery and Baby Green

It was one of THE EASIEST patterns I have made.

I have started the bloomers (diaper cover, shorts, whatever you call them) but have put them down until I finish my June Swap items for our Itsy Bitsy "National Pride" swap.

I can't show what I am making for the swap yet. I had THE HARDEST time deciding what I wanted to make. What made it harder was I wanted something relatively light weight since it is being sent to Europe. The rules sor the swap state you must make something in either the colors associated with your country, the colors associated with the Olympics or the colors associated with the person you are swappping with.

I am , or will be once the last thread gets here, making something in red white and blue PLUS making the same thing in lavender, which my partner likes . . . I know a lot of people can't use red, white and blue in their decore and I wanted her to have something to keep up after the Olympics.

Now, I need to make a Dollar Store stop and find some patriotic, lightweight but fun items to include in the package.


  1. Loving the colours in this one, you are solucky I never did master crochet.

  2. It's so cute, such a pretty colour :)


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