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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

We got "home" yesterday from a quick trip "home. "Those of you who have moved away from "home" understand what I mean. I have a "home" and a "home."

The town where I grew up will always be "home" to me and where ever I live is "home' for the duration of my stay.

Here is the main reason we went "home:"
six day old great niece Elizabeth Grace. I find this a very special picture. My oldest niece, 35 year old Allison, is holding my youngest niece. How special for me.

Then, we have "daddy" holding his 1st:

I find it amazing at how the bond is so strong when the baby is so young . . . one day, and  hope I live long enough to see it, they will discover what makes familial bonds so strong . . . has to be something on the DNA.

All in all, it was a fast trip, drove "home."
  1. Wednesday drove for 9 hours to get "home." We have re-named Ohio "Road Work Ahead" because it added a good hour to our trip.
  2. Thursday, morning I got to meet my BFF's 1 year old grandson, Stuart . . her son's son. Then in the afternoon, Marilyn and Debbie, my only cousins, with Debbie's husband and  son came to visit me and their new cousin. It is like a three ring circus when we are together . . . LOVE how we grew up in different cities, are lucky now to see each other once a year yet we always pick up where we left off. 
  3. Friday was a morning spent at two cemeteries (both very small), looking for headstones I know are there and couldn't find the ones I was looking for at either place. BUT, did get a nice sun tan from it. The afternoon was spent in the county Historical society . . . found out my maternal great-grandmother had three sisters, not two. Then, when we got "home," also known as "Sandberg's Bed and No Breakfast," which is my BFF's home, Kristi, Chase and Miss Avery were there. Avery just turned a year in May and this was my 1st chance to see her . . . and I got to re-connect with Chase. Kristi is my BFF's daughter and it was so great that she took the time to drive "home" so I could see her and her babies.
  4. Saturday morning, visited Lauren and Chris's (niece and nephew) homes . . . both are just perfect. I could live in either one and be happy. Made a drive by and stop at one of my teacher friends who has an art studio now, then did drive-bys of some of the houses we had found online. In the evening, we had ribs that we had brought "home," re-heated by the brother for everyone in the Gaumer family.
  5. Sunday was either going to be the drive "home" or a day of rest . . . day of rest won out.
  6. Monday, 9 hour drive from "home" to "home."

Poor Indy, she spent the whole "vacation" on guard. She did great with the kids . . . and, maybe, in some trip back she won't bark so much. Joyce's, my BFF, grand babies have a Yorkie atone house and a Shitzu at the other . . . but Indies deep back caught them off guard.

She was exhausted. The trip "home" started with her looking like this:
She sits up in the back seat and checks out what's going on. Then as the drive progressed, you could see the energy just slipping out of her . . .

Just look at those sleepy eyes . . poor "little" girl. Then, finally, she curled that long body up on t he back seat and after a bit, went to sleep.

When I took her picture, she looked so wiped out. I think she was. She has only barked once since we got home and that was at lunch today . . LOLOL

Today, here ears are at "half-staff" and I swear, her eyes look exhausted and her brows are sagging. Wonder how long it will take her to get back to "Indy normal."

We have THE BEST pet sitter. Mel is a Vet Tech so I know they are being taken care of. When we got home, both the husband and I called and called them . . . but I think they were pissed at us. No one showed for a while, even after the shaking of the treat jar. But, after about two hours, all four made an appearance. Marcus is still coming up to me and wanting petted.

Must go . . . time to check all online stiff and see what I missed out on while we were gone.


  1. Congrats Miss Paula on your new niece! She's adorable. Poor Indy does look wiped out. Sorry Ohio took so long. Could have made it longer had I told you where the LNS's were! lol

  2. Why were you looking at houses online in IN? Are you moving back 'home'? Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. Was this Indy's first trip? I wish Leo would just sit and look around, then I wouldn't mind him going places with me. He is so bad, wanting to be everywhere.


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