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Friday, July 20, 2012

Pammy Sue . . . Part Deux

I was correct in not taking pictures  yesterday . . . we had "sprinkles" all evening and a steady, soft rain all night. So the light was no where close to conducive to picture taking.

Where today is a totally different day. Not as hot as it has been and the sun has been out all day.

So, get ready for the pictures of the shawl I received from Miss Pammy Sue, who blogs at Scotty's Place. So if you haven't visited her, you need to, She has the cutest Fur~Babies . . and her shawls are to die for . . specially the Boho Hippie Shawl . . . my, oh, my . . . I think I see a shawl in the future on the hook.

Totally LOVE the color and the open-ness of the pattern.
Not the best pix,
but I like the contrast
 between the wood and the opening in the swing.
Now THIS is better for the design.
Here is the "point of the triangle."
Notice the variation in the yarn?
Here is another close-up of the side of the shawl . . .
I am such a lover of blue
 that just looking at this makes me happy!

Thank You, Thank You Miss Pammy Sue!
You were WAY TOO KIND.

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  1. Beautiful! That Pammy Sue is just awesome!!


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