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Friday, August 24, 2012

Abigail Kitty Girl

This is my Abigail. I can never remember how old she is, but she is pretty close to 16.

I think I have mentioned that Abby has an overactive thyroid. You can see how thin she is across her hips. She has medicine to take twice a day. But the little bugger, she runs from me when I try to pick her up.

She is a beggar but too. Whenever we have a milk product or meat, there she is . . on her hind legs pawing at the top of the table. One would think that by now she would know that she gets the leftover milk when we are done. And, now, we try to make extra meat so she gets her fill.

In this picture, she is finishing out the remains of some Kozy Shack Rice Pudding in a cup. We found some that was sugar free . . and the husband had a coupon . . double whoopee!

Now, Indy and the other cats are a hoot. Indy knows Abby gets "first dibs" on any food. So she will let Abby drink her fill of milk (she is like me, she likes whole milk, non of this 1%, 2% or skim business) then she will finish what  is left.

Her sister cat, Nosy, likes to horn in on her unless we chase her away . . . then Nose will hide and try to sneak back up on Abby when we aren't looking.

Just like siblings . . . They are nice to each other, but sneaky . . LOLOL

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  1. I have to laugh as I am reading this and my Shiner is sitting next to me meowing for a bite of my lunch. She is 13 and mommy is eating tuna for lunch so she is begging LOL!


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