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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Long Day

Yes, it has been a long day . . . some high-lights and a low-light. The high-lights outweigh the low ones, though.

I shall start with the low one. A friend from home asked me if my sil had esophageal cancer. I told her I would find out, since I didn't know. I got hold of my niece, and she didn't respond to the email. So I sent her a facebook message . . . she told me she would call me.

She called Saturday morning and said that it was true. That evening the brother called and told me more. They had wanted to wait until they knew for sure what they were up against before they called, but since I knew, he told me what they knew so far.

Her doctor thought it was stage 2. Then she went for a Pet scan and the family met with the doctor on Wednesday and the PET scan showed two spots outside of the esophagus and instead of Stage 2 she had Stage 4 . . . DAMN ! ! ! ! !

Needless to say, when the brother called and told me that it was a rough phone call . . .specially when he said the Dr. told him the survival rate is in the single digits!

Now, for the low-light that is a high-light, I guess, from this. I ordered some Universal yarn, in Meadow, from Cat's Crochet Corner . . . run by Ravelry's own ByHook. I had found a shawl I wanted to make for the sil . . . my version of a prayer shawl. The yarn came today. I have spent the evening working on it . . . H hook and holding 2 strands together. Finished 2 skeins and started on two more. Will post pix tomorrow.

Wish I didn't have to make it, or better yet, wish I didn't want to make it, but it  makes me feel better doing it. And, the brother did ask me to keep them in my prayers . . . so, with every stitch they are on my mind.

Now for the two high-lights. I have the 1st round done on my Bridget Afghan. It is made of granny squares out of Deborah Norville's Serenity. In the middle is an 8 round square. The round I finished is made up of 4 round squares. Tomorrow I start on the 2nd round which will be made of 8 round squares . . then a round of 4 round, then 8 round. Will keep going until I think it is the right size.

I was working on it on the front porch swing when Bridget and her mom . . . Bridget isn't here yet so wherever Mom goes . . so does B!

I told her she wasn't supposed to be crossing the street when she was a week short of 9 months pregnant . . then I showed her what I was doing. She loved it . . . so double high-light. I got to see mom and she liked the start of the blanket.

Last high-light was supper . . . green beans, smoked sausage, new potatoes and onions . . . doesn't it look scrumptious?


  1. Sorry to hear about ail. Keep us informed. Prayers to you all.
    Dinner looks awesome -was it as tasty as it looked?

  2. so sorry to hear of your SIL and the fight ahead of her. All you can really do is be there for her, for your brother..but the best thing you can do..the only thing..is pray. Looking foward to hearing about your new grandbaby shortly..blessings to you

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your SIL, the shawl will be so nie for her.


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