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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Evan's 1st Birthday Presant

We have been invited to Evan's 1st Birthday party, the 31st of August.

I had NO IDEA what to get him, and I know his Momma loves my  hand made things, so, here is my "modified" baby Tyrannosaurus (pattern by Jennifer Down Under, found here.)

The eyes that I liked were smaller, but they kept falling into the head . . . they fell through the sts. I ended up with the bigger 12mm eyes.

Then, when I was ready to put the horns on his head, I hadn't left enough room behind the eyes and in front of the "ruffle." I decided to add one of the horns to the "nose" region. I like the final :modified" dinosaur.

I think the BEST part of it all, I started at noon, and it is now 3:35 pm. Such a "quickie." 

Oh, I forgot . . . I am SO PLEASED that my "legs" ended up in the right positions so he can stand up well.

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  1. Love him, and Evan is going to have loads of safe fun with him, you are so very clever.


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