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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Odds and Ends Pictures

 Indy with her "stogie". The first time she had this type of rawhide chew, she took it in her mouth like this. It brought a big smile to my fave. She holds it just the way Dad always held his cigar when he went fishing. I think he is channeling himself to me through her.

 This is what our front yard looked like last night. You can see Indy's foot prints on the porch in the snow. Al of the snow is bothering her . . . she can't smell the ground and she is a big time ground smeller. But, once she gets over this, she high-tails it to the back yard and is in hog heaven.

This was taken during the last snow. You can tell how happy she is to be running around in the yard . . . pure ecstacy.

Just a side view so you can see the pile of snow on the left of the drive way.

 Daylight makes it look so clean and pure.

 The Breakfast of Champions . . . whole wheat tortilla - warmed a little, peanut butter, honey and sliced banana. One of my favorite meals for first thing in the morning.

 On the left is Marcus and on the right is Matthew. These are litter mates of Nosebud. Most of the time they get along . . . they even curl up with each other to sleep. But this evening, for some reason, they decided it was time to "whap it out" with each other. You can see that Matthew is ready to pounce.

Indy does not like to hear any of the cats cry, or sound like they are in any pain. She heard a meow come out of these two and she was immediately there to break them up. She is a good "little" sister to Abby, Marcus and Matthew.

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