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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Marcus and Matthew

Nosebud died a month ago Feb 11. It sure doesn't seem that long, but I think it has been a long time for her sisters, Marcus and Matthew.
Hi pretty brown eyed Marcus.
Momma is taking a picture of her youngest fur~babies.
The husband and I were talking last night that we think they have been mourning for her this last month. Now, the last several days when she was alive, they wanted nothing to do with her. I have had that experience before when I had a cat who was dying . . . no one wanted to be around her.

But, the last two or three nights, these two have started returning to their places on the couches . . . Matthew with me and Marcus with the husband. They hadn't laid on the couches since Nosebud died.
Matthew likes to lie as close as she can get to me at night.
Then last night, Matthew came up and snuggled right up to me while I was crocheting and on the computer. It was a first in a long time.

The pictures on this post show how they have been lying on my legs for the last hour to hour and a half. 

I left the front door open, the storm door is in, when we got home around 5:00 because I was so hot. We had VERY, VERY high winds today, the sun was out (and melted so much snow) so when we ran errands all I wore was a thermal shirt over a t-shirt. It was great, until we had to walk quite a bit to get inside the grocery store . . . B*R*R*R*R*R*R*R*R*R
Marcus hasn't groomed Matthew for quite some time.
She spent a good 5 minutes grooming her this evening.
But, when I got home, the temp in the house was about 67 degrees and I got so hot . . I turned the thermostat down and left the door open.

When I finally sat down for the evening, with my jammies on (I wear the night gown that look like giant t-shirts) I got a throw and threw it over my legs. 
Golden-Green eyed Matthew wishes I would quit with the pictures.
Well, since they have been on my lap/legs, they have pulled up part of the throw and my right foot is getting cold, as are my shoulders. But they are so comfy with Marcus sleeping on top of Matthew that I don't have the heart to move them.

I am hoping the husband comes upstairs (he works on his Family Tree on the computer in the rec room in the basement) soon so he can turn the heat up and close the front door :)

Marcus lying on top of Matthew . . .
this has always been their favorite way to sleep.


  1. What lovely photo's, I love it when Grace snuggles on my lap. I to often sit for ages, uncomfortable, but happy to have her sat on me. Purdy id Kevs cat, she does not sit on my lap.

  2. I didn't know you had these cats. :) I thought it was just Indy. Sorry to hear about Nosebud.


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