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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

For Those Who Pray

Do you believe in prayer?

If you do,
Ron Smith,
the husband of one of my 6th grade team mates, 
Bekki Smith,
could use all of the prayers you have to offer.

He was diagnosed with Lung Cancer.
He went through Chemo and Radiation
and, as luck would have it,
the cancer shrank enough that he was able
to go into surgery and have the tumor removed.

Today I received an email from Bekki
saying that when they went in to do the surgery
that the mass was wrapped around an artery to the heart
and was involved with the lymph nodes
so it could not be removed.

Then, they find out that the lymphatic system 
had been "nicked" and they can not stop the bleeding.

As you can tell from the photo, he looks so healthy
and that is why the doctors thought he could
undergo the chemo, radiation and surgery
 . . . he was VERY healthy.

Not only does he have a wife, 
he has a son, 
who Bekki raised as her own, 
who just got married
and two boys still at home in elementary school.

If you have a Prayer Circle
or Prayer Chain
 at your church
please add Ron and his family to your prayer list.

Perhaps, with people all over the world praying for them
God will be so overwhelmed with prayers
he will preform a miracle for the Smith Family
and Bekki and the boys 
will still have their father and husband around
for many years to come.

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  1. Strong prayers for the family and friends and for Ron to have the strength to win this battle. I just lost 2 cousins within a month of each other to cancer.


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