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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Strawberry Shortcakes, "Flatcakes", Abby and Matthew

Doesn't the Disney movie "Beauty and the Beast" 
have a song that talks about a "tale as old as time?"

This post is about that same topic, 
a tale as old as time. 
Only this tale is about a woman, 
a kitchen, 
 and her fur~babies.

Let's begin our tale . . . . 
It's time for homegrown strawberries. 
That means it's time for moi to get out her ingredients 
and make some homemade shortcakes. 
As you can tell from the picture, t
he first bunch (represented by the one in the middle) 
came out great . . . 
the second set I am calling my strawberry "flat cakes."

They actually look like
giant Snickerdoodles.

Ever have one of those recipes 
where there is too little of one ingredient
 left in the container to use for anything else?

That was what happened to me, 
there was to little flour left in the container 
to use for anything else, 
so I added it to the flour the recipe called for.

 I needed to use a little more milk
 to make the flour mixture into a dough . . .
 I think I over mixed it when I added this milk. 
You should have seen the "shortcakes" 
when I placed the mixture on the baking sheets . . . 
I thought they were going to run together 
and make one large biscuit blob.

But, you can see from the photos above 
that they browned up well 
and the bottoms were actually perfect!

This morning, before I did ANYTHING else, I wanted to get into the flower beds and trim back the last of the dead daffodil leaves and the branches of rosebush that had dead, or dying, roses on them. I also needed to spray some homemade weed killer (hope this recipe turns out better than my biscuit recipe) on the edges f the driveway and front sidewalk.

I knew if I ate first, I would never get back outside . . . so front yard and driveway taken care of, it was time to eat.

I chose the largest of the flatcakes (lower left in the photos), sliced it in half and put it in a paper bowl . . . as you can tell, it was WAY too big for that. So I had to end up using one of my good Buffalo China soup/salad bowl.

Ah, yes, this bowl works perfect. Plus, I like the looks of these bowl so it will make a visual feast as well as a taste feast for me.

Add some strawberry juice to the "flatcakes" just in case they are a little hard.

One vanilla sundae cup just doesn't look large enough for this breakfast extravaganza.

If you are wondering why we use these cups, well, whenever we have a half gallon of ice cream it always seems to end up iced over before we finish it. This way, we get the correct portion AND no  icing of the ice cream. 

Let's see. 
Yes, two cups of ice cream is just PERFECT!

Isn't this just beautiful?

Now to add some whipped cream for Miss Abby, 
my kitty who has the overactive thyroid 
and needs all the food she can get.

Those of you with fur~children will understand.
The rest will think I am nuts.

I had to call and call to  get Abby to show up.
She was upstairs,
probably settling down for her morning nap
and wondering why her momma was calling her.

Whenever I am eating anything that I can add whipped topping to
I always add quite a bit so Abby can have her fill.
Normally, she will lick up all of it.

If she doesn't,
Indy cleans my plate/bowl up at the end anyway
so it doesn't go to waste.
(I don't really care for it.)

Can you see Matthew licking her paw.
She will sit by and let Abby eat,
I think she, Marcus and Indy know that Abby needs the food
so they all let her eat all she wants before they try to get anything.

But this was a little to tempting for Matthew.
She had to swipe her paw,
 as close as she could to the topping,
then lick it off her paw.

Honestly, I don't think she got any on her paw 
with any of the swipes,
but she kept trying,
can't fault a girl for trying.

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