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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Time Not Wasted

Since I have been home, I have discovered that my blogs no longer showed a background.

I was TOTALLY bummed that my "Scrappin' Blogs" backgrounds no longer worked . . . they were my favorite backgrounds. My next fave is "Leelou Blogs." Their site was up but I couldn't get the codes for their backgrounds/templates.

This has meant a morning of searching and searching the wed for a template that was plain . . . after many errors in judgement, I finally found one.

Hopefully, now if I can find a  background I like, I can add it and won't mess up anything.

If you have a site you like for backgrounds, let me know . . . all of the ones I saved to Pintrest no longer work :(

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  1. I go to the cutest blog on the block. But, there is another one...check some of your favorite blogs and see who they use. I can't remember anything today - sorry!


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