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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety-Jig

Just had THE BEST home visit since we moved here in 2006.

This photo was the culmination of the four best days I can remember for a 

Front Row (L->R):
Oldest nephew, brother, wife of s-i-l's cousin, oldest niece and cousin of s-i-l.
Back Row (L->R):
Niece #2 and her better half, myself, the hubster,
wife of youngest nephew, great niece, youngest nephew and s-i-l's youngest brother.

Here is a synopsis of what we did. I wish I could say "Short Synopsis" but these four days were so much fun there is no way it can be short.

We started our "vacation" (if you can vacation from retirement?) on Wednesday, 11 June and got home on Monday, 15 June.

Drove for 9 hours (thanks Ohio construction on the interstate project and the US 24W fiasco in Fort Wayne for the extra hour on the road). Stopped at brother's house and dropped off:

  1. 2 Six Packs of Aviator Red, a micro brewed bear that the niece and nephews like, 
  2. a bottle of Vodka (made from grapes in the 1st  legal distillery in Buffalo in 100 years) for the brother, 
  3. 2 bottles of locally made Cranberry wine for the nieces, 
  4. a bottle of Jim Beam Red Stag that the niece and nephews laughed at me for drinking until they mixed it in a Coke and now LOVE it.
  5. Six trash bags full of Day Lilies and Tiger Lilies for the nieces and nephews to plant.
  6. A crock that Dad made sauerkraut in went home to the youngest niece since she is a gardening, canning, kraut making nut.
Thursday morning Grave Hoping with oldest cousin, youngest niece and a friend of the niece.
  1. We found my maternal great-great grandparents, thanks to an orange flag placed by a cemetery worker so we could find it.
  2. Stopped by city cemetery so the cousin could visit her parents grave, I could visit mine and we could see the stone my brother designed for his wife, oldest daughter and himself.
  3. Went to a small cemetery in the next county and, with the help of the township trustee (who takes care of the cemetery info) we found our paternal (both cousin and I share this family) great grandparents.
In 2012 the hubster and I had walked the cemeteries for #1 and #2 and found nothing. I think the cemetery gods were against us because both the grave sets were right on the roads in their perspective cemeteries.

Thursday Evening started out with 15 people at the brothers house for a fish fry. The first bite of fish tasted like what  my dad used to fry, even though the fish we ate were caught in Canada. Must  be the way the brother coats the fish and fries them. The night ended up with at least 20 people setting outside enjoying a nice, cool evening.

Friday Morning we did a genealogy trip to the local library to look through the micro-film at ole newspapers. Poor hubster was bored out of his mind, so all I did was make copies of what I had found in 2013 and documented the reels I had found the info on.

Friday afternoon we went to a local eatery and when we were ready to leave we ran into a friend we hadn't seen since we got married in 2003. We must have talked for over an hour with she, her daughter and grand daughter.

Friday Evening was the great nieces birthday party. Again, between 15 - 20 people  . . . what fun.

Saturday Morning and Afternoon my younger cousin came for a quick visit with the hubster brother and I, along with her husband we talked for hours.

Saturday Night was Jazz and Blues Festival at one of the local parks. They had the most FANTASTIC Wine Slushies I have ever drank.

Sunday morning was the only unplanned morning. We ended up at a local food market and garden center. I knew I could find some different plants that we don't have here . . and we came home with two rose bushes, 2 climbing vines and three or four garden veggies to plant. 

While there I ran into one of my favorite students who student taught with me and we have been close ever since. I told him that between the brothers family, the girl we stayed with and him I should be able to return home knowing I had found out all the "poop" in the city that I needed to now.

Sunday Afternoon we visited with a friend that I haven't seen since 2006.

Sunday Evening was the end of the food orgy . . . we took 5 slabs of ribs home that had been rubbed and smoked so all the brother had to do was reheat t hem, which he did on the grill. Not one rib was left when we were all done.

This morning my jaws are sore from all the talking, laughing and smiling I did for four straight days.

Now, all I need to do is get rested up from all the fun we had.

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  1. ACK! You went through Ohio again and I didn't know! You really need to stop at the Crafty Ewe in Broadview Heights. Your trip sounds wonderful! Sorry to hear hubby was bored. Think you did well - left with flowers and brought home food. Good trade!


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