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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My Teeth Used To Be Good

Made another trip to UB (University at Buffalo) School of Dentistry today. I wasn't sure what we were going to do today, since there are several things that need taken care of. Found out "we" were going to  fill the chip in the bottom "partner" to the last tooth that was filled.

Got my shots to make everything numb and when they put the clamp on the tooth, it really felt weird. So, she gave me another shot . . . in a little while Michelle started poking me with one of the instruments to see if I was totally numb now . . yep!

Next came the mouth damn . . if you have never had one, it is a trip. After all the fillings I have had in the last 6 years, I am finally used to it.  Suctioned out the water and blow air on the tooth to dry it out and I almost went through the roof . . . damn tooth wasn't numb yet.

Called the supervising dentist over and he checked it out . . yep, tooth isn't numb, even though everything else in that area was. So he goes in with another shot to numb another area . . . no luck this time either. 

By now my lip is numb from the right corner to the left corner and straight down from the right corner and diagonally up to the left corner and my tongue feels like a queen sized mattress is resting in my mouth. Yet, the cavity that Michelle found hiding at the gum line is still alive.

She goes over and talks to the dentist and he says no more . . . take everything out and let me go home. Hopefully the next time I go in (two weeks form Friday) everything will take and the new found cavity in the front and the chipped area in the back can get filled.

If not . . . well, I didn't even want to know what would come next.

While I am sitting there waiting for the paperwork the woman who helps the students out (not sure if she is a dentist herself of a hygienist with experience) comes over to see what  was going on. She asked me if I had any chocolate this week. 

My answer, "Yes, I had chocolate cake with chocolate icing last night."

Michelle ave her the weirdest look and she explained, "When I was in private practice a study came out connecting this problem of a tooth not numbing with eating chocolate. You know the girl they had a problem with Monday, same thing as this . . . she had a cookie before she came in."

So we decided that form Jun 14 - June 18 . . . NO CHOCOLATE! If it will make the process less painful, I will do about anything.

Keep your fingers crossed for me . . . I am still feeling some dull pain from being "poked" and having air sprayed on the tooth and I am thinking I may need some Tylenol later. Tooth pain is "such a pain in the butt!"


  1. I wonder why chocolate has that effect? But, great info to have if going to the dentist! Thanks. Maybe next time everything will go as planned!

  2. I'd rather have the chocolate and stop smiling.

  3. I have to have gas to do any major work. :( I am the same way. I hope you are able to get it all fixed.. I haven't been to the dentist in a few years, and I am dreading it.


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