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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Outside . . . July and August

The weather has been anything but perfect for gardening this year. 
Our tomatoes have been close to death several time, but the few tomatoes we have gotten have been dense and delicious.

However, we have had some BEAUTIFUL flowers.

The Daylillies have been SPECTACULAR!

These are my Martha Washington Geraniums
that I plated in dog and cat food bags.

They looked real good here
then the blazing hot weather took it's tole.
They haven't died, 
but they haven't bloomed for a couple of weeks either.

We didn't even plant the Moss Rose this year. 
It came up voluntarily from what we planted last year.
SInce it LOVES hot, dry weather it has bloomed wonderfully.

And I wish I knew what these lavender flower are.
The husband has liked them but I was kind of "iffy."
They reminded me of a Sedum plant which I didn't care for.
But last summer he bought 4 plants.
This shows how well they came back this year
and the Moss Rose was planted NO WHERE
near them, but you can see it is growing in them.
And, the clover is blooming yellow.
I truly like clover. Wish I had it all over the yard.

This is the front bed, looking down from the porch.
The area around the pedestal and the
pink/lavender Mallow is now bare.
I think a neighborhood animal has been sleeping in this area,
it is so flat.
But that's fine. Everyone needs a place to sleep.

This planter is on the front porch.
I think it likes the hot, dry weather too.
It is doing great.

Next to the Daylillies are the cucumbers.
I thihnk each cucumber we have picked
has been close to a foot long.

The yellow roses have done well
as have the wild Morning Glory vine
that seem to be everywhere this summer.

The husband checking out his garden.

Indy surveying her "kingdon."

Looks like she has found something in her yard.

Guess not so it's time to relax.

Notice the paint on the porch deck?
We had all the wood on the porch painted.
It really look good.

I call the porch a "baby poop" green.
Others call it a "slip pea soup" green.
The sample looked like it had a little more brown in it
but, oh well. 
It looks clean and freshly painted 
so we are more than happy.


  1. Your front is looking good, my garden has suffered this year.

  2. Sometimes paint colors aren't what you expect them to be. I painted my bedroom what I expected to be a terracotta color and when on the wall it was more carrot. I lived with it for a couple years and then it was banished by a nice pastel blue color--no more experimenting with nontraditional colors.


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