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Saturday, December 19, 2015

By No Means a Normal Christmas

I don't know if I have mentioned this or not but the husband and I aren't doing Christmas this year.

What I mean is that we aren't giving each other gifts . . . well, I did buy him a couple of things I thought he would like. I found a sweatshirt with "B-r-r-r-r-r falo" on the front, a barbeque spatula with the Buffalo Bills insignia, a set of wooden "spatula" thingies. Then I found 1 tablets for less than one, on QVC so that is for both of us.

I know he won't be happy, since he hasn't been able to get out lately. He has been dealing with gall stones. When the gall tone was taken out he developed "sump syndrome" which also caused pains. He got more tests which showed he had another small stone. So he went in yesterday to get that taken care of . Instead of just numbing to get the stone he went all the way out and the Doctor fixed the "sump syndrome. (If you have never heard of "sump syndrome, we we hadn't, Google it, pretty rare and interesting.) Dr F said he cleaned "a lot of vegetation" out of the gall bladder. He also said if the husband hadn't come in now he would have been back later with a major infection. So I guess we were pretty lucky there.

We have bought each other things that we donated. A local group collects toys and accessories for kids. So when we were out, if we found things within our price range, plus nice and durable and something kid would like, we bought them and donated them.

I also mailed some money home to my beautician, who is very active in fostering and adopting animals. She went to WalMart for me and bought 10 fleece blankets to donate for me. They were only $2.88 but I have one here at home I use all the time. They are vary warm.

Normally, by now, I would have made 6 - 10 turkey roasting pans of Chex Mix and the husband would have made 10 or more different cookie recipes. Nothing :(  I think this is because our kitchen area is still torn up from the remodel with boxes in both pantries so it is extremely hard to get to items.

I know people don't expect things, but it feels so good to give. This year is just a sad year. We had planned to be in our new house at the beginning of Nov. Then that was moved to late Dec/early January. Now, we need to wait to get the all clear on the husband's health.

One thing is good about still living here. He could get to the doctors he needed to get to. If we were in Indiana, we didn't have doctors yet so who knows what could have happened.

I've finished another small Christmas doily and 4 more angel ornaments. I want to get 5 more ornament made so I can give them to the neighbor kids and my great niece and nephew here in New York.

Just wondering what it will be like on Dec. 19, 2016? This will all be in the past and the future could be so much different.

Tomorrow is our 12th wedding anniversary. We have been together longer than that. (I always have to ask the husband how long . . . I think it may be close to 18 years now . . . WOW, now THAT is a long time .) When he wakes up from a much deserved nap (since he came out of recovery lat night he has been going to the bathroom two or more times every hour.  I am SO HAPPY he is finally getting some sleep because he got none last night.) I'll have to check the number of years.

I think I;ll go. time for Saturday Night Live with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler . . . hope it i as good as the hype it has gotten.


  1. I hope hubby feels better soon, you have so much going on at the moment, dealing with any one of them would be enough. The important thing is you have each other, happy anniversary xxx

  2. I'm glad they were able to find and take care of what was wrong with your husband. With all the weird weather there has been, maybe waiting a while to move would be better anyway. Happy Late Anniversary.


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