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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas 2015

Christmas has  come and gone . . . but the warmth stays inside of me for a long time after.

The husband and I decided our Christmas would be a new kitchen faucet and bathroom shower  thing-y. You know, the thing the water comes out of. I like the hand held, he likes the wall one that stays in place. Well, he doesn't know it yet but I bought these on sale at Home Depot, had them sent to my niece's home in Logan and her fiance, who i a plummer, will put them in for us before we get there.  So the husband will get a surprise. I got one of those tall faucets that will allow you to easily fill a tall soup kettle and the shower thing-y has a stationary head BUT the center part can be hand held . . . hopefully the best of both worlds..

The hubby was kind of mad Christmas morning wen he noticed a couple of plastic bags and corrugated box under the tree that hadn't been there Christmas Eve. I would have wrapped them but since he has been going through his gallstone surgeries (ye 2 . . one for the stone and the 2nd to fix the problem that happens 1% of the time after surgery.) and now he has a kidney stone trying to make it out of his left urethra, he has been staying upstairs on the sofa so I haven't had any alone time to wrap.

His Christmas was funny . . . three wooden spatula type things, a spatula with the Buffalo Bills (for the non USA readers, this is a local American football team.) insignia and a bottle opener on the end of the handle, s sweatshirt that is a play on how cold it is in Buffalo, it says B-R-R-R FALO and finally, 3 glasses for his man cave in Logan . . 2 Buffalo Bills glasses and 1 Buffalo Sabres (USE Hockey Team) glass.

He liked them and wasn't really upset since everything but the sweater was for both of us.

I opened up the box from my BFF and the one from my cousins . . . they all know exactly what I like . . . FOOD. The treats they always send are things we can't get here, so I was happy. It was a great Christmas day.

This afternoon we are doing family Christmas with Gene's sister, her family, a cousin, an aunt of his and his brother and his "significant" other. One brother is missing today, but this is a first in several years. Glad we will get to see everyone.

I made my Poinsettia Tea Light candle holders (with tea lights) for all the women.  .

Then I am taking all, but three, of the Christmas Doilies I have made and will let the women all take their choice.  Whatever is left will be mine.

Angel Ornaments were crocheted for the great niece and nephew

Then each family will get a half gallon sack of my personal Chex Mix . . . so much better than the one on the Chex Cereal package.

Now for the fun part . . I made some things last year, no idea what, but they are wrapped up,  have a name take on them, so I will be just as surprised as they are when they open them.

Tomorrow we go to our neighbor across the street. Chex Mix for them, two package I made last year for Mom (again, it's wrapped and I have no idea what I made for her), the three smaller doilies will be for her kid (one day they will be special) and three angel ornaments for the kids.

All in all, I'm pretty happy with this year's Christmas. The giving is so much more fun, the older I get, than the receiving.

Hope Your Christmas, or whatever you celebrate during this time of the year, was as warm and pleasant as ours has been.

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  1. Hope hubby is feeling better, your Christmas sounds busy but with loads of family and friends. Happy New Year.


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