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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Odds and Ends . . . 30 Dec 2015

I used to be SO GOOD at posting a little bit everyday. I guess I have been consumed with my crocheting lately.

This is what we woke up to yesterday.  this is the 1st snow of the season. In recorded weather history here in Western New York, this is the latest 1st snowfall recorded.

Honestly, it was more white slush than snow :(

Somebody thought they  needed their photo taken when I came in from taking the "snow picture." Sure looks like she has a big head here :)
Had to do a Joanne's run yesterday for white thread. They were having 75% off of all their Christmas stuff. I went kind of nuts, but I saved $80 (plus some change) so I felt pretty good.

When I saw this ornament carrier/box I thought "Wonder if it will hold my balls of thread?"

I put the thread I had bout into one and SHAZAM! They fit. Now I have a see through container that holds 27 balls of thread. It has a snap on lid AND, if I want I can get more of the "levels" and snap them on so I can store more. Sounds like a great idea to me :)

I have found a doily named Caprice. I have fallen in love with it. It is so pretty yet it is so simple to memorize . . . lots of similar repeats in the center and once one gets to the pineapples on the outside it is a "piece of pineapples cake." 

I made 1 for each of my cousins for Christmas.  (They are pictured on the right.) Now I have 2 finished for my Indiana nieces for next Christmas. I have worked through 5 pineapples on another and I ran out of black thread so it is on the back burner until I get back to Joanne's. Now I'm just getting the center finished in white and will put teal pineapples on the outside for my nephew and his wife.

Only problem I have is with the last Rnd of the pineapples and then the edging. So, I do believe, that each one of these will have a totally different outer two Rnds.


  1. Your crochet as ever is beautiful xxx. Purdy has refound her bird and is having loads of fun again.

  2. The doilies are beautiful, and good deal on the thread. I haven't made a doily in a long time. I think I would go blind.
    Did Indy go play in the slush? :P


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