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Friday, February 5, 2016

Surgery D-Day +11

I can't remember which day this week when one of the volunteers in the Art Department stopped by. I said, "Sure Gene would like to make something.

So she got out a coffee filter, folded it, cut some shapes out of it and  then Gene dobbed some water color paints on it. When she unfolded it it looked to cool.

Then she got out this MASSIVE filter (no idea how huge the pot would need to be for that filter), she let me cut the holes in it (hospital policy, patients can't use the scissors). It ended up looking like Gene was doing some major drugs from the 1960's - 1970's. Once they dried, the nurses hug them in his window (which faces East.)

I brought him the balloon today. I told him it was about time I came in not empty handed . . then laughed when I told him, "I figured you were worth $0.97. And, it doesn't say Happy Valentines Day so I'm not early."

Same old same old . . . YEAH!

Only hi-light of today is he may get to come home sometime next week. His surgeon gets back on Monday. Dr Sukhni and Dr Reddy both have said that they are sure Dr Kukar will want another CATScan when he gets back on Monday to see what the "pools of Pancreatic Fluid" look like after 2 weeks with 2 drains and almost 1 week with the 3rd drain.

Both Dr Sukhni and Dr Reddy  explained why he can't go past clear liquids yet. If he has anything that has any fat in it his Pancreas will rev up production of Pancreatic Fluid. If this happens, then he will have more liquid in his abdomen that has to be drained out. Once Dr Kukar feels that the Pancreas has healed, or they decide what to do if it doesn't healed, then he will start on Full Liquids (which will include some soups) and then we will go from there.

We asked if he will need any physical therapy once he gets home. Both a therapist we know who works there and Dr Sukhni said that with him being able to walk as well as he is he won't need any.


  1. Yipee! Come on Monday and a clear catscan. Remember to get some sleep.

  2. Love the artwork, I might try that with the grandsons, roll on next week. Have a happy weekend.


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