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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Surgery D-Day +12

Again, another B-O-R-I-N-G day . . . . YEAH ! ! ! ! !

He is now off of all IV's for most of the day. He is still getting 2 antibiotics through the IV and instead of the TPN (I finally found out what the official name of his "nutrition" is . . . total parenteral nutrition) running all day it will now only be running for 14 hours a day . . . another YEAH!

Dr. John M Kane III, MD FAC
The doctor on call this weekend came in this afternoon . . . really nice guy. He was very happy with Gene's white blood cell count. He said it has gone down a bit from yesterday, so that is still in the right direction.

He also said he had heard how well Gene was doing and he wouldn't be surprised if he went home without the TPN. Perhaps clear liquids and ENSURE or BOOST to drink.

Can't wait to see Dr Kukar when he does his rounds on Monday to see what he thinks, since he hasn't seen Gene since the beginning of the week. I think he will be pleasantly surprised with ow well everything is doing.

Pancreatic leak still seeping . . . BUT the amount is going down now. So, fingers, eyes, legs, toes and anything else I can cross re crossed for this to keep reducing.

Ate breakfast with Gene today. He had jello, Cranberry and apple juice. I had two eggs (sunny side up) toast and two pieces of bacon. I told him he is starting to eat vicariously through me.

Tomorrow will be pancakes, fruit and not sure what else. See how he handles that :) 


  1. Wow! Gene is doing fabulous. So glad to continue to hear the days are boring.

  2. How great to read of boring days, hope they keep coming. Sending best wishes, everything crossed here.


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