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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Surgery D-Day +13

The On Call doctor for the weekend is thrilled with Gene's recovery. 

His white blood cell count is down again today. I checked what a "normal white blood cell count is" on Google and it gave me between 4,000 something -  10,800. Gene's is down to 12,000.

This doctor was also going to consult with the nutritionist and see if Gene can go on liquids  that have no fat. He feels that Gene could drink BOOST or ENSURE to get the same nutrients that he was getting via IV.

Setting the alarm for tomorrow. I don't want to miss his surgeon on his first day back and see what he says.

LOVE these boring days . . and he finally said he was so ready to go home!

Tomorrow will be 2 weeks . . can't wait to see how well it goes.

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