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Monday, February 8, 2016

Surgery D-Day +14 = 2 weeks

Boring day for me, irritating day for Gene. 

He couldn't have his liquid breakfast because he was getting a CATScan. Before they came up for him the nurse had started an a Blood Transfusion. He needed to get those red blood cells up; He ended up going for the CATScan with his blood bag :)

When he called for food around 11:30, he was still on the NO FOOD/LIQUIDS list due to the scan. He wan't a happy camper. The nurse was to check into it. He never heard back. Finally, about 1:30 he called the cafeteria and, yes, he could now have his liquids.

Dr Kukar, his surgeon, came in. Gene asked him about more food. He isn't sure about it. He wants to make sure that Pancreas has healed the leak before he starts him on anything else. He did say he would talk to the dietitian about more liquids but absolutely no fat. I am pretty sure he doesn't want him on solid food yet so the stomach has a chance to heal itself too.

His sister and brother in law came this afternoon. He and Gloria have a way that they talk as a family. Get the two of them together along with his 2 brothers and Gloria's son Bill and her husband, their daughter and I leave the room.   LOLOL So I know he is ready to leave. Still hope he gets home this week. Dr Kukar did say he thought he would come home with IV's for antibiotics and food. Shoot, his on call dr took him off of the TPN yesterday. Hope Kukar puts him back on so his body is getting some food :)


  1. He's hungry. He is ready to come home. Soon - I hope, but not too soon. Glad today was another boring day. And the visitors probably made his day. His spirits are up.

  2. Love it to hear he's grumpy, getting back to normal.


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