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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Surgery D-Day +15

The Good News and The BAd News . . let's start with the bad.

Dr Al-Sukhni made her rounds early this morning. She checked his three drainage tubes and felt that the one coming from the lower part of his back had a greenish tinge to it. She was so worried she called Dr Kukar. (Later in the day she was back and said she had awakened him.)

As soon as Dr Kukar came in he came immediately to Gene's room and checked the drainage bulbs. He didn't think they looked green-ish, but, then again, they had just been emptied not to long before he came. He said if there is any stomach acid or bile  getting into the abdomen would mean trouble. Specially  now because they both should have healed by now.

He also told Gene that he was to sip liquids and very little at that.

He left orders for the nurses to check those bulbs frequently during the morning and record the amounts (which they had) and get the info to him.

They did this and the liquid from the back drain did look darker, but I wouldn't say it had a green tinge to it.

During the morning one of the PA's from the GI Clinic came in to check the drains. ABout 1pm a Nurse Coordinater (I think that was her title) came in to check them. Now this was a first. Made me wonder if the team that confers on Gene's case had a meeting and she had been in it.

She asked me if I knew h ow to empty the drains. I said I had watched and had no problem doing it. Then she asked if I knew how to "strip" the tubing from the drain. Again, I said I had seen it and would have no trouble. So while she was there, I drained what little liquid was in the three drainage bulbs and recorded the amounts. Easy Peasy. She said she was sure he would go home with at least one of the drains intact and I would need to do this and bring in the record of the amount of fluids when we go to the GI Clinic for Gene's appointments.

Now for the Good News . . . 
Gene ordered breakfast, just two containers of apple juice, before Dr Kukar came. It came after he left so Gene asked the aide to put the juice in the fridge for him since he was only drinking water. On the tray was a container of Isopure Protein Drink. That was surprise. Guess Dr Kukar did talk to the nutritionist and she added this to his menu. This means less of the IV nourishment. Hopefully he gets it with each meal.

Second good think . . . he took three walks between the time I arrived and left at 3 pm. During each walk he made three laps. On each walk he walked faster than the time before, almost as fast as normal. And, he is standing straighter than before.

Third good think . . . Dr AL-Sukhni made he afternoon round before I left. She looked at the drainage bulbs and thought the one she hadn't liked in the morning looked better. This is when she told us she had woke up Dr Kukar when she called him. That's when we knew she was real worried since she couldn't wait until he came into clinic.

We also talked about my learning how to strip the drainage tubing and empty the bulbs. She said, "That's good because we are pretty sure he will be going home with at least one in." And the way she said it made it sound like it would be sooner than later. She mentioned something about a couple of days.

The nurses told us what a conscientious doctor Dr Kukar is with his patients. So I know he won't send Gene home until he is darn good and ready.

Fourth Good Thing . . . Talked with Jen, the physical therapist. She said they will write an order for Gene to meet with a Physical Therapist outside of the hospital for consultation and to work on a plan for him to get himself back to what i normal for him. That made us both feel great. Now he can go to PT at the gym we go to and I can go to the gym part and start back on the weights.

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  1. Yea, happy dance for you both, glad to hear some good news. I am hoping for some tomorrow


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