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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Indy's Spring Outing

Indy's "bathroom habits" have started to change. Now, it seems like the change always starts when the ground is wet then ceases when the ground is dry.

When she comes in the house I have to laugh at  her. She always prances in like a proud pony. I always  have Gene look at her so he enjoys her look too.
Talk about a "Mug Shot."
Then the hard part comes, convincing her to go into the bathroom with me so I can wash off her muzzle.

She looks better now, but, I am sure, before the weekend is over it will happen again.


  1. Indy is enjoying spring. So, how is Mr Gene? And how are you my dear?

  2. Our one dog won't even go outside if it is raining. If the grass is wet she acts like she's walking on hot lava, and comes back in. Our other dog could care less. He loves being outside. :P


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