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Sunday, July 3, 2016

4th of July Upgrade

Welcome to our July Flower Beds !

Indy was checking out her Kingdom.
I think she is pretty happy 
with everything that was going on this Saturday.

The front flower bed is coming together.
Did I tell you I signed us up for the city Garden Walk?

Hopefully the green plants in the center will be blooming by then.
You can see that the Johnson Geraniums,
on the left curve of the bed,
are almost done with their full blooming period.
But, if we are lucky, there may be some blooms for the walk.

We made this corner planter yesterday.
I had seen something like it on Hometalk, 
a daily email I get with DIY projects.
They started with stick on stencil letters
on the top rim then painted the pots.
When the paint was dry they removed the letters.
The top pot said "God", the middle one "
Being the lazy person I am, that was too much work for now.
So I made it with red, white and blue flowers.
Well, the blue is really the darkest purple I could find.
We had the mall top pot on the front porch. 
Gene put it upside down a a "topper."
PERFECT place to put the flag 
which was getting hidden by the geraniums.

Here is my newest Garden Bunny.
All of the others we have, which are packed away,
are just cement or plaster colored.
But Mr Gardener caught my eye.
Isn't that blue flower precious?
I can't remember what it is
but it caught both Gene's and my eye.
It is perfect for this empty space in the front of the bed.

Now my little Garden Angel.
I honestly don't know how long we have had her.
Her color is fading 
and whatever she had around her neck,
I think it was a piece of lace,
has long since disappeared.

So this summer I blessed her with some ribbon I used
on a bonnet I made for Miss Bridget across the street.

Can you see the "lemon yellow" flowers
peaking out over the top of the Marigolds?
They are one of my FAVORITES of all time
PLUS, they are perennials.
I've seen them named differently
but I know them a "Ozark Mountain Sundrops."

We thought a flat of petunias would fill our 4th of July
planter on our mini hill of blue Geraniums.
We were wrong . . . we had a bunch left.

We also had this Globe Stand
 sans globe which had broken a year or two ago.

So  Gene went rustling around in the garage to see if there was anything left we could plant in.
(Last fall I had packed up as much of our "yard art" as possible
 so he wasn't sure what he would find.)

He found this tray, which I always used as an outside water bowl for Indy, even though she never used it, and a small planter hidden somewhere on the garage patio.
So we killed 2 birds with one stone . . . 
finished up the flower and added a decorative touch to the right side of the steps.

Finally, our planting day was over.
Indy relaxed on her porch and admired her kingdom.
All's right with our world.

Now, health update . . . 
Gene's body is in good shape.
Mine is better than I thought it would be
one week post hysterectomy.
Not sure when I'm allowed to carry anything heavy,
but I carried our sprinkling can and only did that once. I was surprised how heavy it actually was.

So I guess I do need a little more healing time
when it comes to carrying heavier things.


  1. Try and not overdo things, you heal slowly, love your garden and your tower pots, I made a three pot tower in April, it's looking past its best so I need some more plants. We are having a rare sunny afternoon here.

  2. Your garden is so beautiful! I wish I had done more (I planned on it, but... Now it is July and it still hasn't happened). I would have loved to be in the Garden Walk. Was it for the Fourth of July for a parade? I'm glad you are both feeling better.


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